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Junk Removal Services

Solutions for Junk Removal

Point & Haul

This package is the easiest and fastest for you. We simply walk around with you while you show us the junk removal that you want completed. You save yourself time and energy when you trust us to rescue you from your clutter!

Pile & Haul

This package is the best of both worlds. It's efficient for you in both time and money. You make a pile of what junk removal you want done. We haul it away.

Rent & Haul

This package is the money saver for you. We drop off the dumpster at your property, and you load it. When you're finished we will haul away the dumpster from your property.


Junk removal is for anyone, but we typically see people who are land owners, home owners, and property owners – whether that’s commercial property or residential. We are here to help.

We don’t have a cap on our jobs. If you have a single pile for junk removal or cleanup for a demolition, that’s for us.

Jobs prices are based on volume. The larger amount items need for junk removal, the more the job will cost.

We use a 15 yd dumpster on wheels, which is driveway friendly. We drop off at location at varying rates from 1-7 days. 
It’s an excellent solution for the individual who wants to do junk removal themselves but needs a large dumpster to do it.

We serve Stokes and Surry County including: King, Walnut Cove, Danbury, Pinnacle, Pilot Mt., Mt. Airy, Elkin, Dobson, Yadkinville, Walkertown, Westfield, and Rural Hall.

We pride ourselves on a quick job turnaround from start to finish. We are easy to talk to and quick to respond. We knwo you’re ready to get rid o that junk and we’re here to help.