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Overwhelming Junk Removal Problems?

Junk Removal Solutions

Rely on an insured and certified, firefighter and EMT owned business.
Make your job easy with our three junk removal options:
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Our Services


junk removal and clean up solution for Mt. Airy, NC

Point & Haul

You Point & We Remove It!

This package is the easiest and fastest for you. We simply walk around with you while you show us the junk removal that you want completed. You save yourself time and energy when you trust us to rescue you from your clutter!

junk removal and cleanup

Pick & Haul

You Pick & We Remove It!

This package is the best of both worlds. It's efficient for you in both time and money. You make a pile of what junk removal you want done. We haul it away.

dump load junk removal trailer

Rent & Haul

You Load & We Haul It!

This package is the money saver for you. We drop off the dumpster at your property, and you load it. When you're finished we will haul away the dumpster from your property.


Call or Text!

You can simply call or text us for an estimate.​

Get a Quote

Then, we'll come out for an a quote.​

Be Clutter Free

Last, we'll rescue you from that clutter, and you can reclaim your property again!​

Getting started with the process is just as easy as us the junk removal is for us.

Who We Rescue

Clutter Rescue helps anyone who owns property or lives on property. 

So if your a commercial property owner, a private property owner, a landlord, or a estate owner, we are here to rescue you from the time, effort, and pain that can await these tasks.

pride in home ownership

Our Favorite Customers

clean business

Commercial Property Owner

You're ready to move to the next tenet, but you've got some junk removal to take care of first.

clean up rental home

Landlord for Residential

Property owners do a lot. Let us take an item off, so you can start the next month with a new tenet.

helping clean up and organize

New Resident

You're excited to move in to your own place, but before you're settled, there's a bit of junk removal to happen first.

beautiful home

Estate Owner

If you've recently come into owning an estate, duties abound, and one of those is to remove precious items, and those past their prime.

Previous Projects

We’re proud of our work and making people’s lives cleaner and less stressed. Junk removal is our passion to better our community.

How You Can Win Against Clutter

  • Junk Removal Process is now easy
  • Your property can start earning money faster
  • Be comfortable in your space again
  • Rely on a licensed and insured company that’s firefighter and EMT owned

Avoid Clutter Taking Over

  • Overwhelming process of junk removal
  • No time to complete
  • Clutter Keeping You from Profit
  • Junk Keeping You from Leaving Peacefully

Let's Get Started

Getting started with the process is just as easy as us the junk removal is for us.